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meet Rebecca

As a university student in the late 1970s and in need of extra money, I cooked in a farm-to-fork restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia.


What started as a means to an end developed into a passion for all things food, and a career as a chef, working in haute cuisine.  After years in the kitchen and behind the scenes as an assistant to the Vogue food writer, I segued into food styling and teaching. With the birth of my daughter, I walked away from the profession and for two decades, cooked for love, instead of money.


Eventually, after a series of life changes, I found myself pondering my next episode... which lead to a stint as a private chef in New York. I have also had the fabulous opportunity to cook for select events in exotic locales – but more on that in the blog. Life has been challenging, exciting, exhausting and worth every minute.

I look forward to making your culinary dreams come true, no matter where you are...

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